The Zanzibar Island history stretch back from when the first dhows from Arabia and India discovered the authentic harbor. The caravans' stopover created what is so famous as Stone Town. Today the Island is visited by many tourists due to it historical site, pleasure, vegetation and plantation without forgetting the stunning beach with lure waters.
At the centre of Stone Town are the Persian-style Hamamni Baths, built at the command of Sultan Barghash at the end of the 19 th Century. Nearby is the Cathedral Church of Christ, completed in 1879 on the site of an open slave market; it contains much of historical interest. Echoes of Zanzibar's more sinister past are to be found in Tippu Tip House, built for a notorious slave and ivory trader, Hamad bin Muhammad el-Marjab. The site of a former slave pit is to be found nearby in Kelele Square.
Mnemba Island, off the north-east coast of Zanzibar, is known for its glorious coral reefs and splendid beaches while another island, Chumbe, is Tanzania's first marine park with a hundred-year old lighthouse and the only ancient mosque with India architecture.
Come to Zanzibar and you will experience the hospitality of the Swahili people, the beauty of the Island and the lasting mystique of its regal history. While in Zanzibar don't miss to visit the following places.
The Spice Tour: The vanilla, garlic, ginger, chillies, black pepper, cinnamon and many more are some of the spices found Kindichi farms. The guide will take you to different plantation that will be of you memorable in life time.

With time you will see the soap tree that its leaves when scratched they produce natural soap. The tour end up with a hot lunch (spice rice traditionally know as pilau) at a local house and there after the sweet Arabic coffee (The Kilimanjaro coffee cooked in Arabic style) and lemongrass cake follows.
Jozani Forest lies outside the Stone Town about 20 kilometers drive on the main road to the east coast. The Forest is reserve to protect the endangered species of monkey, the rare forest antelope, Duiker and many species of birds.
Prison Island located 15–20 minutes from Stone Town by boat formally was used for imprison the slaves who misbehave their master. Today the Island is famous for it presentable offshore, snorkeling and a visit to giant, gentle land tortoises, some of which are dated to a century.


Set like a jewel in tranquil coral waters, only 20 minutes flight from Dar es Salaam, is one of the world's most beautiful islands - Zanzibar. Its name evokes a romantic past. To the shores of these islands came Summerians, Assyrians, Hindus, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Arabians, Chinese, Malaysians, and the Portuguese, all sailing in on Monsoon winds. From these shores the great European explorers Burton, Speke, Livingstone, Krapf, Rebman, and Grant set out on their voyages of discovery into the East and Central African hinterland.
The different races that have settled in Zanzibar over the centuries have left an imprint on the people and the architecture. The "House of Wonders" and the narrow streets of the Old Stone Town are just some of the vivid reminders of the islands long and coloured history.
Zanzibar is also the birthplace of the fascinating Swahili culture with its elegant architecture, full of balconies, courtyards, hand-carved doors and mosques.
For centuries the historic spice Islands of Zanzibar has evoked a mystical and magical dream. Fascinating history, exotic spices, sandy beaches and hospitable people... this is the enchantment of Zanzibar. Different excursions are arranged while in Zanzibar. These include taking visitors to spices plantations in the countryside where a variety of seasonal spices, tropical fruits and medicinal herbs are grown.
Detailed description of the spices is given, and their uses in cooking and cosmetics. Guests will be fascinated by the sheer number of spices produced, and by their incredible value for many ailments. This is also the cheapest place to purchase spices and oil extracts. Zanzibar is popularly referred to as the "Spice Islands".
Another popular excursion is the "Zanzibar Stone Town Tour" which is literary a travel into history of this old capital of the Omani Sultans. Other excursions will include the old slave cave, the prison island, ruins of what was the palace of the Sultan Said, the old slave market and many other historical places.


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